Uncategorized. What is DCMC? Prospect Mark Leibold Redemption Crew.

You can also email us: info@disciplecmc.

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God bless, and thanks for reading! James Disciple Johnson National President & Founder Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club GOD IS GREAT 888.

If he's new supporter, he's not going to know to find the senior guy. . .

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Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club.

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. Our calling is simple: we are here to disciple men to have a daily word and prayer time and to support the one percent.

Posted by James Johnson · December 18, 2016.
Their job is to check you out, get a feel for you, make sure you are legit, answer your questions, and help you through the.

They dont like cops.

Whether you aspire to be become a valuable member of Disciple Christian MC, or just want to meet strong, faith driven men in your area who share a passion for riding, you need to get in touch with your RPOC (Regional Point Of Contact).

The Disciple Nation mourns the loss of Hangaround Scott Wilkinson. Disciples also believe that to be in a true MC, you must hang around the brothers, show that you sustain participation in the club over a period of time by being a Prospect, and that you earn your patches from your brothers one at a time as you come to. .

. . Michael’s by-the-Sea and a group called Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club (DCMC). Cycle Disciples. .


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DISCIPLE CHRISTIAN MOTORCYCLE CLUB Are you looking for a legit MC that respects the Old School traditions established by the 1% world, but in a way that is centered on Christ and Biblical.

Christian men that want to further their walk with God, love motorcycles and have a heart for the biker community.

In a tragic motorcycle wreck on the way back from Daytona yesterday.

Interested in the gear we use? Listed below is everything we use while riding and/or recording video.